Mar 8, 2011

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Top 5 Best Poker Movies

The poker movies are famous for its villains, the deadly suspense it offers, the thrill and excitement of gun battles and the sudden twists involved. There are some great poker movies and some of them are worth mentioning. If we watch one of these movies we are likely to get involved in it so much that we forget the world around us. These movies do not focus on poker from the start till the end. All of them have at least one scene in which a poker game is shown and it is done with perfection and clarity of thought.

Rounders, Maverick, The Cincinnati Kid, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Honeymoon in Vegas are five of the poker movies worth mentioning. The game of Texas Holdem poker was introduced for the very first time through the movie Rounders. Matt Damon and Ed Norton were the principle figures in this movie and it featured a great deal about modern poker gaming. There are sections were Matt Damon plays games of marathon poker in order to save the character of Norton. A cameo role is done by Johnny Chan and there are some great dialogues in the movie that are worth memorizing. Maverick is another great movie which depicts a lot of poker gaming in it. The movie does not teach anyone to play poker. There are many scenes in the movie where the poker game is given prime importance. It is a film that offers a lot of fun and entertainment. The main set of the film is featured around old alleys, bars and cow boys. The role of Maverick is played by Mel Gibson in this movie and he is the one who travels around with the real Maverick and James Garner. Jodie foster also plays a major role in the movie and there are many poker game tournaments which are depicted in the movie. There is a scene where they all go to the biggest poker game ever

The Cincinnati Kid is a movie which portrays a kid who takes poker gaming very seriously. Soon his talent gets recognized and he begins to compete for the title of the best poker player. During this he meets with the current best player of the world and there are scenes in the movie which depicts their friendship. Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels are about high stakes involved in poker games. Honeymoon in Vegas involves the theme of cheating in poker games.

The Rounders




The Cincinnati Kid


Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels


Honeymoon in Vegas


  1. I was surprised not to see “Lucky You” on this list.

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