Feb 10, 2011

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A Hidden Pizza Truck

Have you ever noticed that the pizza truck: Pizza Planet from the movie “Toy Story” is present in every one of Pixar films. The Incredibles makes an exception though.While some are easy to see, others are more difficult. Take a look.











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Feb 8, 2011

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Funny Movie Titles

Do you remember hilarious names given to popular movies by photoshoppers? Well, even Oscar awards 2010 couldn’t save couldn’t save other famous films from making jokes out of their titles. Check out the new funny ideas how these movies could have been named. Don’t miss this opportunity to laugh! 🙂












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Feb 7, 2011

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10 Facts About The Movie ‘Edward Scissorhands’

Edward Scissorhands is a 1990 romantic fantasy film directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp. The film shows the story of an artificial man named Edward, an unfinished creation, who has scissors for hands. Edward is taken in by a suburban family and falls in love with their teenage daughter Kim. Supporting roles are portrayed by Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest, Anthony Michael Hall, Kathy Baker, Vincent Price, and Alan Arkin.Burton conceived the idea for Edward Scissorhands from his childhood upbringing in suburban Burbank, California. During pre-production of Beetlejuice, Caroline Thompson was hired to adapt Burton’s story into a screenplay, and the film began development at 20th Century Fox, after Warner Bros. passed on the project. Edward Scissorhands was then fast tracked after Burton’s success with Batman. Before Depp’s casting, the leading role of Edward had been connected to Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Robert Downey, Jr., and William Hurt, while the role of The Inventor was written specifically for Vincent Price in his final performance.

Throughout the film, Edward says just 169 words.


At one point, when Edward’s driven a car in the yard the children play. This is a running boy Nick Carter, who in the future become a party to Backstreet Boy


Originally, the screenplay was written as a musical.


On the role of Edward, instead of Johnny Depp could get Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey and Robert Downey


To transform Johnny Edward every time dressers and make-up artists needed 1 hour and 45 minutes.


For the filming of all the inhabitants of the town of Tampa, Florida were moved to the hotel and the houses are painted in four different colors.


Scars on the face of Depp in the film in different scenes at different locations and vary in length and depth.


This is the last frame with  on the screen before his death


Johnny played a role inspired by the movie “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”


All figures from the bushes that are cut out, Edward was made of metal frames and thousands of small plants in plastic pots.


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Feb 4, 2011

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Nominees for “Oscars 2011”

In Beverly Hills on January 25 was read a list of nominees for the most prestigious award in the world of cinema – an Oscar. Before you list of films that received the most nominations in the opinion of the Academy Awards.


Best Picture: “We are the king.” Saga of a British king, the leader among the contenders for an Oscar, being represented by 12 Academy Award nominations, including Best Film, and “best role” for a brilliant game, Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Jeffrey Rush.


Best Film: The Iron Grip. “Second largest number of nominations is a remake of the Coen brothers on western “iron grip”, while claiming to ten awards, including “best role” Jeff Bridges, Highley Steinfeld and “Best Director” the Coen brothers.


Best Picture: “Social network”. The drama, which the unfolding events in the social network Facebook, can get eight awards, including the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Actor in the performance of Jesse Eisenberg, best director David Fincher and Best Screenplay Aaron Sorkin.


Best Picture: “Fighter”. Film – Biography “soldier ” earned seven nominations: Best Picture, Best Director David O. Russell, the best Actor Christian Bale, as well as two nominations for Best Supporting Actress Melissa Leo and Amy Adams.


Best film: “Black Swan”. Ballet thriller “Black Swan” was nominated only five awards at the Oscars. Among them are the prizes for best picture, best director Darren Aronovskogo and best female role in the performance of Natalie Portman.


Best film: “Children are in order. ” The story of the lesbian family was nominated for the award for best main actress (Annette Bening) and Best Supporting Actor (Mark Ruffalo). Total film claims four Oscars


Best film: “Home. ” Thriller “The Beginning” has earned the honor to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture and Best Screenplay Christopher Nolan, who made and as a director of the film, as well as for technical achievement: sound, special effects, the work of art director and camera work. Total film was nominated for eight Oscars.


Best Picture: “Winter bone. Drama “Winter bone” claims for the award in four categories. Jennifer Lawrence may be recognized as the best performer of the main female role, and John Hawkes – won Best Supporting Actor.


Best Picture: “127 hours”. Story of survival received six nominations, including best film, best screenplay adaptation of “Simon Byufoya, as well as awards for acting Denny Bowl game and James Franco.


Best Picture: “Toy Story – 3. This animated film was the third cartoon in the history of the Oscars, “which was nominated for Best Picture. In addition, “Toy Story” tipped for the award for “best feature-length animated film. ” Total cartoon pretend for five Oscars.

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Jan 28, 2011

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Golden Globe Awards

The official website of the cinema “Golden Globe”, the second most prestigious after the Oscars, published a list of nominees. We offer you the photo story about the winners of this prestigious award.













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Jan 25, 2011

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Top 10 Best Male Body in Hollywood

Always on shape? You can see every single muscle on their body? Every single piece of close is fit perfectly? Yeah, these are the best male Hollywood bodies. Keep in the form of the body, such as these is not easy. Such a figure requires constant grueling workouts, diet and good heredity. But this is Hollywood. Here everything – the game. So, here’s our short list of most eligible men in Hollywood with a fine physique.

David Beckham


Alex O’Loughlin


Actor Alex O’Loughlin was at the height of his popularity as the star of CBS “Hawaii Five-O”. How did 34-year-old Alex holds in the form of such a body? In an interview with New York magazine, Time Out, he told that in order to have such a body must:

Step 1: take a very boring diet – porridge and chicken, steamed vegetables without oil and without.Step 2: Develop training schemes interval training, visit the pool.

O’Lahlan also told Time Out, what he wants and at seventy years of being in great shape. Well, he’s a good start.

Matthew McConaughey


No list of Hollywood stars, according to abs, will not really be complete without Matthew McConaughey. This surfer and a guy who paid for him to play this surfer has kept its perfect shape and at 40. How? Supporting in the form of not only the body but the head. “Your body can be in top form, while your thoughts are not in the best condition,” – he said Men’s Health. “But it’s great if you can coordinate them.”When McConaughey was withdrawn on the set, he did not go to the gym, because all the training takes place on the site itself in the pursuit of the murderers, push-ups and fights. “When I run, I stop and do 30 push-ups” – he told the magazine. – “Then get up and continue running. In the future I want to try to do so 200 times. We’ll see.

Kellan Lutz


Do not envy Twilight star Kellan Lutz, because its press is better than yours. Envy, the fact that he works with a much larger load than you are to achieve this. A healthy 25-year-old Lutz, in an interview with Men’s Health said that as a child he was an active child. During high school he combined playing football and playing trombone in the band (do not ask how), but now he is working on the set. He also told the magazine that he swims and goes to battle, when he was not at work, and walks with the dog. And do not think that after all the toil, he gets the pleasure of eating. Lutz told Men’s Health, which he eats every three hours and in small portions. And after midnight – a hard-boiled egg. Join.

Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa


Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa sure smells good. Football player back in the list actor with an excellent body and looks really not bad. How did he manage to stay in this form? Thanks to the dinosaurs, of course. In the video, YouTube (part of the campaign), Mustafa explains how he conducts his training: 40 rounds around the planet, 100 presses on the bench Brachiosaurus, 12 scrolls of the tractor, 2 turning the neck to the poles, 300 beats a zebra, a cold dip – swim across the Aegean Sea.

Bradley Cooper


Would you like to the list as ABS Bradley Cooper? For six months he was “literally transform your body” – as he said himself the 35-year-old Cooper Details. And before that he was in very good shape. On the advice of an expert, Cooper cut in their diets sweet, salt and flour, and began to climb the mountains and train for 2 hours a day. Sounds exhausting, but this is for him consolation. Cooper told the magazine that when he was younger, it was taken for a girl. More so will not.

Taylor Lautner


Taylor Lautner is 18 years old, famous, rich and participant list of the best bodies in Hollywood. Jealous of him? Not worth it to enter into the image of the werewolf has gained 30 pounds of muscle, in a break between filming the first and second parts of “Twilight”, according to the magazine Men’s Health. It was not easy. But Lautner could not resist, and all the same took off his shirt to show his excellent form.

Daniel Craig


James Bond – Daniel Craig almost overnight turned from a British actor in the Hollywood star. “I had to be so perfect a form as possible,” – Craig told a British newspaper. “Quantum of Solace, his second Bond film. “Although the last time I was big and brawny, in fact I’m in no better shape.” Well, 42-year Bond looks and now, not quite bad.

Robert Buckley


The actor Robert Buckley does not get to wear clothes in the shot when he plays his new role in NBC’s Lipstick Jungle, this is obvious, and it became the motivation for the 29-year-old star. “You have to motivate yourself always stay in shape” – he said In Touch Magazine. “And personally, I noticed that there is nothing better than a motivation, because knowing what I was going to appear almost naked in front of millions of people.” It works. Of course, his fans happy.

Ryan Reynolds


Seven days a week for 90 minutes a day. This rigorous schedule trainer Bobby Strom has helped Ryan Reynolds get a role in the movie “Green Lantern”. “He has been working with weights to develop core muscles.” The proof of this his body. Reynolds was one of the owners of the most luxurious bodies in Hollywood.

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Jan 23, 2011

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Shrek 3 – Behind The Scene

Did you always wanted to know who is hiding behind their voices? Who is making funny sounds? Who is having conversations? Well, this is your chance to find out. I had such a nice meeting with all of them, so i hope you are going to too. Take a look!












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