Feb 1, 2013

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Funny TV Shows and Movies Moments

There are a lots of movies and tv shows these days, but for some of them you have the certain feelings. Like, you love some tv show more than another, and it’s the same case with the movies. Well, when it comes to the funny lines these movie characters and tv show characters are saying. we are not playing favorites anymore. We really don’t know who came up with these lines, director or the actor him self, but, all we have to say is , good job! Being an actor is all about the improvisation, and you have to be quick, just because the situations like this one. You gotta think fast, and act fast, in order to give the audience what they want. And this is how we get all those funny movie lines. So, if you are a movie and a tv show fan, or just like to enjoy in funny tv shows lines. you are just in the right place. Take a look at these funny movie photos, and enjoy!










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