Jan 4, 2010

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Actors In Some Different Life

Wow, it’s really interesting to see these people in different style! I always see them well dressed, with full make-up, walking on the red carpet, but this is really something different. Their faces on some other characters, and in some other world, some other time. This was many, many years ago, and who knew that world will be so different now. They are all full dressed, no short dresses, there is no high hills…. It’s really nice to see them in whole different light. Well, without photoshop, we will never be able to see this, so check it out. I hope that you are going to like this one, as much as i am, and that you are going to enjoy. So, take a look, and also, let me know if you like it.

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  1. Bob Fairlane says:

    WTF its just an advertisement for Netflix.

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