Jun 22, 2010

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The 5 Greatest Depictions of Aliens in Fiction

Aliens have been some of the most fascinating subjects for movie makers. Be it the dirty, ugly ones or the spectacularly terrorizing ones or even the clueless lost ones, aliens have triggered our creativity like nothing else. Following is a list of movies with The Greatest Depictions of Aliens in Fiction.

5. Dark City (1998)

darkcity The 5 Greatest Depictions of Aliens in Fiction Source

These aliens were creepy and impossibly frightening. The movie had it all: Scary mad scientist/doctor, a confused man who’s lost memories of his wife and his life, scary alien depictions, needles, sharp sudden music and running.
The world of the protagonist is run by telekinetic aliens who are scary as crap. Add to it that the sun there never rises and the city is walled off to a limit and you got the perfect scary depiction of aliens.

The aliens here are tall, come with some sort of tele-kinetic powers and they scare the living day lights out of our poor confused hero.

4. E.T – The Extra Terrestrial (1982)

ET The 5 Greatest Depictions of Aliens in Fiction Source

Not every alien wants to eat you or take over your world. It’s quite hard to accept that notion and it took someone as brilliant as Steven Spielberg to pull that off; and pull it off he did. This went on to become one of the greatest movies ever and the greatest alien movie ever made.
The alien here’s got a profession too. Coming to earth as a Botanist was probably not the best idea seeing how we humans panic at the sight of any alien. The movie makes you want to be a kid again, forgetting all your adult responsibilities and get that impeccable drive in your ideas.

3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Close Encounters The 5 Greatest Depictions of Aliens in Fiction Source

How can this movie be far away when we talk about aliens? Another one of Steven Spielberg’s great mind, this movie transformed the whole construct of aliens in our minds. The movie was aped my many, including the Director himself, later in his career and M Night Shyamalan in Signs. But nothing could or will ever come close to Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

The movie has got one of the greatest and most amazing closing sequences of scenes in the history of cinema. The movie has had so much impact that people never look at a plate of mashed potatoes the same way again, ever.

2. Aliens (1986)

Aliens The 5 Greatest Depictions of Aliens in Fiction Source

If Ridley Scott made an awesome movie in Alien, James Cameron had to answer him. Aliens was not one better, it was way better. The gory scenes, the birth of that child especially was absolutely brilliant. A major part of what makes this movie a classic is the depiction of the aliens. There are not many direct face to face scenes. We have physiological glimpses into their minds. He gives us enough to become engrossed in the film, not question or even doubt the logical flow. This is yet another example of a sequel being as brilliant as the original.

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

A Space Odyssey The 5 Greatest Depictions of Aliens in Fiction Source

This is one of the corner stones of movies involving extra terrestrials. It took the absolutely unfathomable mind of Stanley Kubrick to come up with this. Tracking the evolution of humans from apes to humans to evolved beings that can travel in space, the movie is mind-numbingly brilliant.

The three-minute silence at the start was deliberate according to the director. He just wanted to bathe the audience in the theater in the darkness and wanted to check out their reaction. The beginning with the apes talks about how we evolved, from being gentle beings in solitude to picking an alpha male to protect the herd.

This has the greatest depiction of aliens in fiction only because we don’t even get to see the aliens. But they’re there, so much is clear. If not, who put the monoliths on earth? Who put them in a distant far moon of Jupiter? Is this connected? Is this a pattern?
While the humans on board the space ship, that’s on a recon mission about the monoliths, struggle with a more visible alien, HAL 9000.

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