Apr 14, 2010

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5 Animated Movies Kids Should Not Watch

Cartoons have always attracted all kinds of people because they are really funny and have a nice story line which is equally good for the elders as well. In the last decade, animated movies received a lot of appreciation and applause for their different script and state of the art technology that takes animation to the next level. Many Hollywood studios like Disney and Pixar came out with their own versions of animated movies that created a new movie record in terms of popularity and box office collections. However, there are a few animated movies that your kids should not watch for various reasons.

Pom Poko


Pom Poko is a Japanese animated film that was released in 1994. The movie was directed by Isao Takahata and the story revolves around a group of Japanese raccoon dogs who are very well known in Japanese folklore. These raccoons are usually termed as Tanuki in Japanese culture and are known for their social behavior but they are mischievous as well. In the movie, these animals are shown as realistic animals that seldom wear clothes and are always eating and having fun in the woods. Soon these raccoons are attacked by industrial labors and these tanukis try hard to attack the humans with their testicles which should not be a part of any animated film because it is certainly not the right thing for the kids to watch.

The Incredibles


The Incredibles is a 2004 animated film by Pixar and the movie is directed by Brad Bird. The movie is all about a superhero family who has been gifted with super powers but the government forces them to live a normal life. Though The Incredibles received a lot of appreciation for its fresh story and animation, you can clearly avoid The Incredibles for your kids because the story has a lot of action that can have a negative impact on your kid.



The next on the list is Cars which again is an animated movie produced by Pixar Studio and directed by John Lasseter and Joe Ranft. The movie might be unique in its own ways but it completely wipes off the existence of humans. The movie is all about anthropomorphic cars that talk and do almost everything that humans do. However, when they race they race with all their might and Cars is loaded with all kinds of car stunts and accidents that is something that our kids should avoid at least till they are aware about traffic manners.

Spirited Away


There are some movies that so imaginary that they can be scary for the kids and Spirited Away is one such movie that is directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The movie has received a universal acclaim and it is one of the highest grossing movie in Japanese box office. The movie is about a teenage girl who is soon moving to countryside where she faces her adventures with spirits and monsters. The movie shows a friendly relation between spirits and monsters and that is too much for your kid to digest.

Chicken Run


Chicken Run is a British animation movie which is directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park that shows the cruelty that humans do on chickens. The movie is about an intelligent hen named Ginger who tries to save her other friends from being dead. The movie makes fun of how people are crazy about chickens and eggs and portrays humans as barbarians who are always ready to slaughter chickens for having a hearty meal. Soon after the release of the movie a video game was also released for the audiences.

  1. joshua828 says:

    You’re kidding, right? Have you ever looked at the impact reports done in sociological studies of cartoons and violence? Such as there is a very, extremely low percentage of children who think cartoons are anything like real life, or imitate the actions thereof.

    Car stunts by animated cars does NOT induce kids to drive lousy and try stunts. Watching animated super-heroes use their powers to stop a villain doesn’t make kids violent.

    In those cases where the children do react, the majority of those children are in a home where their home life is equally unrealistic: super expectations from parents, parents who regularly break the law — even speeding — and think by saying “don’t do as I do,” really matters to a child who wants to be like mommy and daddy.

    As to Chicken Run, while the surface deals with chickens in mass production situations, this is not taken by children as saying, “meat is bad!” Instead it is saying to treat animals fairly — something even hunters agree with.

    As to Spirited Away, it is the story of Alice in Wonderland told by Miazaki. But Alice in Wonderland isn’t on this list.

    Why not put Pokemon on here as well? That’s about children using animals to fight for fun — advanced cock fighting in reality — showing kids they can use and abuse their pets for entertainment purposes…

  2. itschrome says:

    Ok who ever wrote this list is a total moron. I’m not going to pick it apart and tell you every thing wrong with this stupid article, but i will say this. You are a close minded retard…

  3. stonewar says:

    you have got to be kidding me. What a bunch of horsesh*t. By that same logic teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to watch CARS because they actually have access to vehicles.
    OMG the children shouldn’t see testicles! The family pet propably has testicles. And guess what? Your child has seen them.

  4. Me Bean says:

    The Incredibles is interesting film 🙂

  5. Ok who ever wrote this list is a total moron. I’m not going to pick it apart and tell you every thing wrong with this stupid article, but i will say this. You are a close minded retard…

  6. I like : The Incredibles

    good movies

  7. Craig Fenderson says:

    To balance out all this negativity, I highly recommend Katsuhiro Otomo’s heartwarming “Akira”, a movie about a band of lovable misfits growing up in Tokyo.

  8. Don’t you get that this is just a joke.. man people are so uptight :p


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