Jun 12, 2011

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HGTV Design Star

HGTV design star competition is around the corner again. This time we are the 6th season of the competition which started first in 2006. The opportunity offered by the HGTV is a unique one where designers who know their onus in different aspect of the profession will be made to compete with other professionals in the same field. The competition has been very interactive since it commenced some five years ago. Experience has shown that the proceeding competition proved to be better than the previous years. Innovations are added to make the competition more interesting and competitive than the previous years.


HGTV Design Star


This year which will mark the 6th season of the competition will feature some of the old judges who would be beefed up with other new judges who know about different aspects in the design and fashion industry. There are basically two things that involved in the competition. The first involves the contestant making his location or stand to be unique and better than the stand of the other competitors and the second involves live demonstration of the activity of the designer. Each week there would elimination until there is only one designer standing. Many people are already expecting a lot from this year’s competition as online discussion is already showing.


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Jun 2, 2011

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Movie Premieres in June 2011

On the last day of spring, see the June issue of reviewing the film premieres. At this time there are not many more than usual. According to established tradition, already at the end of registration you will find a poll. Note that in a poll, you can choose any number of films.

1. X-Men: First Class


Genre: Action, Fantasy, Drama
Premiere in the CIS: June 2, 2011
X-Men: First Class is a prequel of all history and the beginning of the Saga of the X-Men. Picture tells a secret history of the many high-profile, but shrouded in mystery events. Even before the mutants become an integral part of the world and, before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took them new names Professor X and Magneto, two young men first discovered his supernatural powers. Not sworn enemies, they are from the very beginning were close friends, worked together and with other mutants (with friends and newcomers) to stop Armageddon. While working in their world a fatal inconsistency, which grew into a complete misunderstanding. This was the beginning of the war between the Brotherhood and Magneto X-Men Professor X.

2. The Hangover 2

Genre: Comedy
Premiere in the CIS: June 2, 2011
Stu after a stormy night, wakes up in a society transsexual. He was terrified and did not remember anything. To the aid of friends to help Stu to recall the previous night.

3. Fair Game


Genre: Action, drama, thriller, biography
Premiere in the CIS: June 2, 2011
Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, given the task to investigate the possible sale to Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, finds no evidence of the facts of this transaction. On the contrary, he proved that the reasons for invading Iraq, are not true. Joseph Wilson has repeatedly publicly stated that the U.S. invaded Iraq under totally false pretext. A year later, Secretary of U.S. Vice President Lewis Libby issue reporters confidential information that the wife of the former ambassador is a CIA agent. Such a statement threatening the very life of Mrs. Wilson.

4. Hop


Genre: Comedy
Premiere in the CIS: June 9, 2011
Knocking machine Easter bunny, an unemployed Fred forced to give away colored eggs kids around the world, waiting for the recovery of double-crested.

5. The Tree of Life

USA (2011)
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
The life story of 11-year old Jack. Each of the parents of Jack tries to instill in him his perception of life. Mother teaches her son the good and selfless love, the father insists on the primacy of the interests in this life. Reality becomes murkier when the boy has to face the pain, suffering and death.

6. Green Lantern

USA (2011)
Genre: Action
Lantern ring, granting its bearer capabilities: to materialize green energy, change the structure of matter, become invisible, fly at supersonic speed, allows you to use superhuman strength, invulnerability and adds a relative longevity, as well as the ability to communicate with all known forms of intelligent life, gets to test pilot Hal Jordan, after the hero finds a crashed spaceship.Jordan discovers an alien spacecraft and that gives him a ring, which becomes a newfound superhero ticket to the Green Lantern Corps, Guardians of the Universe living on the planet Oa

7. Super 8

USA (2011)
Genre: fiction, thriller, detective
In 1979 a train carrying containers labeled USAF from “Area 51 where the biggest secret UFO Laboratory of the U.S. falls into a catastrophe. From the container breaks the monster, whom several witnesses can be removed at the Super 8 camera.

It is interesting to know …
JJ Abrams in his childhood from his grandfather received a gift – a Super 8 camera. According to the UFO, it was in 1979 in Area 51 there was a conflict with extraterrestrial beings, which killed 60 U.S. servicemen.

8. The Ward


USA (2010)
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Kristen is being treated in a psychiatric hospital. Along with her ??being treated four more girls. At night, when a hospital is plunged into darkness, she hears a strange frightening sounds and understand what they were not alone. One after the other girls begin to disappear, and Kristen understands that it must as soon as possible to get out of here. Trying to escape, she realizes that the true nature sounds much worse than it might seem at first.

9. Cars 2

Genre: Cartoon
In the new sequel animated film Cars characters will need to straighten yourself passport and be in thethe heart of of intrigue during the races around the globe . Lightning McQueen and Mater go to his friend to participate in the first international rally to be the fastest car of the planet. On the road Maitre is embroiled in a spy game, causing him to split between McQueen and by the secret service.

10. Bridesmaids


USA (2011)
Genre: Comedy
At Annie’s personal life a mess, and it was not to fun. But the girls have to forget about their problems: because soon she has to go on a bachelorette party for best friend.
Otorvut girls as boys did not dream

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